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Proud to celebrate 50 years of successful growth through hard work and innovation

50 Years adding value to businesses locally and globally.

For 50 years, HLB Cheng y Asociados has been focused on guaranteeing a high level of commitment and satisfaction to our clients. A personalized, reliable service with the highest quality standards has always been central to our DNA.

We want to thank each of our clients and friends for having placed their trust in our team and allowing us to be a reliable partner that seeks to exponentiate their growth. We also wish to thank all those who throughout these 50 years have been part of the team of professionals who work with care every day exercising this noble profession.

John C. Cheng B. founding partner said: ¨I am proud to see how much we have achieved in these 50 years. During these years, we have accompanied our clients through good and not so good moments – The Crisis of 88 and the Invasion represented great challenges for all of us, with effort and dedication together we got ahead. I can also say with great pride that we have contributed to the aggrandizement of our profession¨.

John C. Cheng E., Managing Partner, added: ¨I feel very grateful to God for allowing us to come this far; 50 years are said to be easy, but they are not. Through these years, the work we have done for our clients in an honest and reliable manner has distinguished us. Even in a pandemic we have managed to grow and consolidate. By 2022 new and very positive things will come for our firm¨.

Thanks to all our clients and friends for their trust and for allowing us to walk hand in hand together, thus positioning ourselves as one of the most recognized accounting, auditing and outsourcing firms in Panama.

50 years being part of the history of Panama… Congratulations!


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